Home Sleep Study

After evaluating if a patient has a high likelihood of having a sleep breathing disorder, a medical doctor can order a Home Sleep Test (HST). Home sleep tests allow physicians to monitor your sleep patterns in the comfort of your own home, and without interrupting your normal nightly routine. The HST device is generally worn as a belt, while finger probes connected to the device gather your data and vital signs. The information is stored on a removable memory card and downloaded for a board-certified sleep physician to analyze and recommend treatment. 

Once the referral from the patient’s physician is obtained, Dr. Sherpa can help you get set up with a home sleep test if needed. If OAT is recommended by the interpreting sleep physician, Dr. Sherpa will then be able to discuss options with you. 

In some circumstances, further evaluation is required and a in-laboratory sleep study must be conducted. Dr. Sherpa can then recommend local facilities to obtain this study.